1. Khanacross / Motorkhana

    Sun, 4 Mar
  2. Eddington Sprints

    Sat, 24 Mar
  3. Easter Saleyards Dash / Motorkhana

    Sat, 31 Mar
  4. HRA Rally Sprint

    Sat, 7 Apr
  5. Twilight Khanacross / Motorkhana

    Sat, 5 May
  6. Working Bee / Test & Tune

    Sun, 20 May
  7. Khanacross / Motorkhana

    Sun, 3 Jun
  8. Longcourse Autocross

    Sun, 24 Jun
  9. Victorian Off Road Championship

    Sun, 1 Jul
  10. Victorian Motorkhana Championship

    Sat, 14 Jul

Enter an Event, Win a Championship!

The first step on your way to winning a club championship is to enter an event!

Entering an Event

You will need a Current club membership, a current CAMS licence and a completed entry form. If it is your first time, most of the paperwork, memberships and licences can be done on the day but get there nice and early so we have time to get you sorted. You will also need to read the supplementary regulations for the event which explain what you need to do, how much, where and when. These are often referred to as Supp Regs and will be available on the Events page usually a week or two before the event.

Your Club membership card, CAMS licence and event entry form need to be presented to the event Secretary on the day of the event. (At Bagshot this is usually around the canteen area). Once you are entered you will need to get your vehicle checked for safety at Scrutineering.

At Bagshot the secretary and scrutiny people will usually be available from 8am.  For the organisers it is best if all paperwork and scrutiny is finalised by 9:30am. It is good manners to arrive a well before 9:30am to avoid a big line up. Make sure to have your license, entry form and membership card with you and ready to present to the event secretary.


The club has a number of members who will check over your car to make sure it is safe to run and eligible for the event. (Juniors are welcome to use one of the Clubs Junior cars for no additional cost!)

Vehicle Eligibility

Vehicles must conform to the general requirements of automobiles in competition, Schedules A and Schedule B of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.

All vehicles need to be fitted with a Fire extinguisher to a standard listed in Schedule H of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport and must be securely fitted to the vehicle.

Safety helmets must conform to CAMS requirements as per Schedule D of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport (eg AS 1698) and be worn whilst competing.

All competitors are required to wear snug fitting clothes covering the body from neck to wrist to ankles and suitable footwear. Clothing should be of a fire resistant nature.

All vehicles (except road-registered vehicles) must be fitted with mudflaps on all driven wheels and both rear wheels.

All vehicles must be adequately muffled. The noise limit is 95dB.

Fuel must be in accordance with Schedule G of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.

Vehicle Classes

These are the classes that apply to the Bendigo Car Club championship, if you are entering other events the classes and rules will be outlined in the supplementary regulations.

LADIES Class: Any Female regardless vehicle class.

Juniors Class: Anybody under the age of 18 on the 1st of January of the current year

Class A: Up to & including 1800cc.

Class B: 1801cc up to & including 2500cc.

Class C: Above 2501cc.

Class D: All 4WD, and Non-Production Bodied Specials, EG. Tubular chassis Specials.
Note: A correction factor of 1.7 will be used on 2WD vehicles with forced induction engines (turbo’s or superchargers) or rotary engines.

The Track

Events at Bagshot will be run on gravel and the track is usually defined by witches hats, bunting, trees and tyres. There are usually time penalties for hitting or going outside the defined track but these vary depending on the event.

The Venue

Bagshot usually has Food and drinks available from the canteen and male and female toilet facilities. It can get quite warm and dusty too so take care to protect yourself!

How do I Become Club Champion?

The short answer is; win every event! Failing that, the scoring system is as follows;

In the Bendigo Car Club championship overall scoring is obtained with a combination of both class and outright finishing points. For example, on the weekend of championship identified event of either a Khanacross/Motorkhana or Autocross/Motorkhana, points for the overall championship are taken from the Autocross or Khanacross events rather than the Motorkhana. The Motorkhana has its own championship and is the decider for only the outright Junior Championship. In the case of a meeting where the Motorkhana is the main event i.e. the Saleyards Dash, points will be used for the overall championship. Competitors who compete in all championship events for the year will drop their worst round at the end of year.

Points are allocated as follows:

1st overall = 10 points + class points

2nd overall = 9 points + class points

3rd overall = 8 points + class points

4th overall = 7 points + class points

5th overall = 6 points + class points

6th overall = 5 points + class points

7th overall = 4 points + class points

8th overall = 3 points + class points

9th overall = 2 points + class points

10th overall = 1 point + class points

The class points are as featured below

1st in class = 30 points

2nd in class = 26 points

3rd in class = 22 points

4th in class = 20 points

5th in class = 19 points

6th in class = 18 points

7th in class = 17 points

8th in class = 16 points

9th in class = 15 points

10th in class = 14 points

These scores continue to drop at one point increments until Zero points are awarded.


Good Luck! If you have any questions please give us a call or contact us here.