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Mount Tarrengower historic Hillclimb 2007

Once again mount tarrengower has been run and won and by all accounts has proven to be another successful event for the club. This is due in full to the fact that we have developed so many good officials at our normal monthly events. Events become easy to run when you have a crew that really knows what they are doing so to every one who assisted on the weekend a huge thank you and pat on the back. Chris Hume who stood in as assistant clerk of course did a great job of organising the little details including pointing out the “better” parts of the event, thanks Chris as I had my mind on other things and would have missed them. I also apologise to Ian Percival for shifting you just before the action occurred on point four. Anyone who missed the action by not being there talk to someone who was after all historic motor sport isn’t really that bad is it Craig?

I should also mention the impressive efforts of club members, who competed, namely Craig Hardiman, 3rd in class, Max Jackman, 4th in class, Carl Seyfort, 1st in class and Roger Hall best of his class.

As I am writing this I am just watching Marcus Ambrose take out fourth place at Memphis in what would have to be one of the strangest NASCAR races I have watched. Out of 250 laps, 117 were run under caution and at 25 caution periods they were just one short of the most amount ever. There were only 19 green flag laps run. This would be Marcus’s (?) best finish and he started from pole and led about seven laps all up, he is still second in the rookie standings but is being led by a driver competing in both divisions and has Jack Roush as team owner so a good effort to the aussie. To those who ask why he went to NASCAR try about $800,000 in prize money this season.

Once again thanks to all helpers and if you want your officials log signed see me at the next meeting

Peter V.