1. 2017 Championship Presentation

    Feb 3 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  2. Working Bee / Test & Tune

    Feb 4
  3. Khanacross / Motorkhana

    Mar 4
  4. Eddington Sprints

    Mar 24
  5. Easter Saleyards Dash / Motorkhana

    Mar 31
  6. HRA Rally Sprint

    Apr 7
  7. Twilight Khanacross / Motorkhana

    May 5
  8. Working Bee / Test & Tune

    May 20
  9. Khanacross / Motorkhana

    Jun 3
  10. Longcourse Autocross

    Jun 24


Motorkhana is a true test of car control and a skill. Once mastered the skills learned will transfer to all other forms of motorsport and to everyday driving. Vehicles can range from completely standard to purpose built cars with not much more than a motor, seat and wheels. Test are run against the clock around a tight layout marked with flags or witches hats. Penalties are accrued for hitting markers. Cars rarely get out of first gear and in some tests competitors are required to reverse. This is the best place to start in motorsport and top drivers often return to motorkhana to hone their skills. Drivers usually progress to khanacross and autocross.

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The club has a few cars setup for juniors so there is no need for juniors to bring their own. Experienced members are on hand to teach them how to drive and make sure they are safe.