Mount Tarrengower Hill Climb

Event Details

The Clubs major event for the year, come and see, come and help or come and compete but whatever you do, don’t miss it!

Aimed at Historic vehicles and bikes from pre 1970’s

Supplementary Regulations

Check back closer to the event


Usually a few days after the event

Victorian Motorkhana Championship

Event Details

A great chance to compete against the pinnacle of Victoria’s motorkhana specialists in our own back yard. Also some great spectating too.

Supplementary Regulations: 

Stay tuned they will appear here when they are released!


Will appear here a few days after the event.

Easter Saleyards Dash / Motorkhana

The annual Sale yards Dash is a bitumen based multi-club motorkhana. It is held on Easter Saturday each year at the Huntly Livestock Exchange in Wallenjoe Road, Huntly.

Drivers must be over 12 years old, be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club and hold a minimum of a CAMS level 2 Non speed licence or superior.

Competition classes are typically:

A: Up to& including 1800cc.
B: 1801cc up to and including 2500cc.
C: Above 2500cc
D: All 4WD vehicles
D1: Non-Production Bodied Specials, EG: Tubular chassis specials.
JUNIORS: Any driver under 18 Years on 1st Jan 2018.
LADIES: Any Female

regardless of age.

Vehicles can be standard road cars presented in a safe condition all the way to purpose built vehicles.

The full competition guidelines staring times etc will be published in the event supplementary regulations which will appear here closer to the event date.

Supplementary Regulations: 

2018-03-31 Supp Regs Sale Yards Dash
2018-03-31 Entry Form


2018-03-31 Sale Yards Dash [Provisional]


Eddington Sprints

Shhhh, this event has always been kept a secret yet always manages to get a full field of competitors in all sorts of historic vehicles. Held annually, it is a 400 metre sprint down Playfair Street in Eddington.  Cars compete individually against the clock to set the fastest time they can.

Keep an eye out for the supplementary regulations and entry form because the field fills fast, and remember to keep it a secret!

Supplementary Regulations: 

2018 Eddington Supplementary Regulations


Will appear here a few days after the event.

If any body has any pictures from the event we’d love to grab a few for the website, please let us know via our contact page here .